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Wreckhouse Radio 2.26 – No I’m Not Back

Wreckhouse Radio 2.26 – No I’m Not Back

Hello. Welcome to Wreckhouse Radio. Not I’m not really back, but in a way I guess I am. At least for a one-off show. Don’t get your hopes up people. I play music, talk way too much about nothing and just ramble. So it’s just like you remember! Here’s the playlist. No I’m not tellingContinue Reading

Wreckhouse Radio 2.25 – Halloweener 2012

Oh hello there. Welcome to Halloweener 2012! An all new mix of songs for Halloween that you can thank your good friend Gbyrd13 for. If you want to thank him for passing along his mix cd to us you can reach him at No playlist. Why? Don’t you like surprises? Do you want yourContinue Reading

Wreckhouse Radio 2.24 – Forced Enthusiasm

Forced enthusiasm. 1. Sheer Terror – Skinhead Girl 2. Red Fang – Wires 3. The KDV Deviators – DEVIATOR ZONE 86 4. The KDV Deviators – UNDER ATTACK 5. Calabrese – The Man Who Lived Twice 6. Calabrese – Bring Us Hell 7. Guitar Slingers – Drunken Matadors 8. Guitar Slingers – Satanic Stomp 9.Continue Reading

The Curveball 3

The Curve Ball #3 With Wes and Nate – Special guest: Darth Bazza 1. Candiria – Paradigm Shift 2. Earth Crisis – Forged In Flames 3. Murphy’s law – Murphy’s law 4. Agnostic front – before my eyes 5. Dead Swans – Thinking of you 6. Discharge – hear nothing see nothing say nothing 7.Continue Reading

Wreckhouse Radio 2.23 – New Year Same Story

The sequel to last year’s big hit “Punch Drunk But I’m Still Sober” 1. Clutch – Burning Beard 2. Eagles Of Death Metal – Speaking in Tongues 3. Kyng – Down On Me 4. Death and Memphis – lucky stars 5. Death and Memphis – satisfied 6. Hudson Falcons – Sleep, Drive, Rock n’ Roll,Continue Reading